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I make intentional solutions within a set of constraints


I'm a design leader who's fascinated with brands and their ability to become the most powerful and influential forces in society. At Sharethrough, my identity work for the organization and its events garnered praise from recognized design leaders like Khoi Vinh, and an advertising campaign I created—Sharethrough’s “Ads Can Fit In” outdoor campaign—was written about in multiple online publications. At Capslock, I had the opportunity to work closely with Roman Mars to develop 99% Invisible’s website and refresh its identity. The abbreviation, “99pi” was my work and is widely used today to reference the award-winning podcast. 

Over the last decade, I have enjoyed my time working with prominent global brands and start ups alike, constantly striving to surface and properly represent an organization's values and beliefs. If a brand is a perception held by individuals, I've been able to guide and shape many with design and storytelling.



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